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  1. Abdul Jalil El Challah says

    dubai 17/6/2015
    He really wondrous oil a day I’ve used a spoon on an empty stomach that he is stronger than a grain of Alyomrh oil and I would recommend everyone and thanked

  2. Janice McDonald says

    Your sesame oil products are GREAT! Been using them for about 5 years now and they are a miracle for sensitive fragile skin. I won’t use anything but your products. The nose oil is a necessity for anyone with sinus issues! Thank you for such wonderful products.

  3. Barbara landegger says

    I love the products. I have been using the oil for a few years and the nose oil is fantastic. Every time a cold seems immanent I use it and the cold symptoms stop. I Always use it before a flight

  4. Hassan says

    Well, of course it will grow a haemurgbr tree! If meatballs can grow into spaghetti and meatball trees (you remember the song, right?) then sesame seeds can grow into haemurgbr trees.

  5. DD says

    I used Raw Organic Sesame Oil and I am truly impressed. Organic oils are the best. My skin is really sensitive. Thank you!

  6. Sarah smith RMT says

    Hello again, I’m the massage therapist you very recently spoke with and I am interested in receiving a wholesale list for pricing. The oil is to be delivered to the home of my family friend in Dearborn Michigan. Thank you again for your consideration and for providing such a beautiful product.

  7. Izzy R. says

    I heard about sesame oil from my chiropractor, who recommended using sesame seed oil on one “blocked” surgery scar. It softened the scar so well that I applied it to a hematoma on my ankle, and I was amazed to discover that the lump went down! I looked into the healing properties of sesame oil,
    And that’s when I found your site.

  8. K. Ramirez says

    I used Raw Organic Sesame Oil under my armpits after a shower – thought I’d give my body a rest from deodorant. WOW! No smell even after 24hrs! Wonderful to know a pure, one ingredient oil can do this vs many harsh chemicals being absorbed.

  9. Andrea says

    I had read about Ayurveda, I have a tendency to become very dry! And wanted a good quality clean oil, so yours came up in various blogs! Thanks I love your product!

  10. Hugo Cilerin says

    Hi, I must say after trying your Face&Body (Lovely Skin Formula) I am a believer. I pretty much have had good skin my entire life, but for the past about 6 months or so I had begun to develop acne and started to feel self-conscious about it. So I started to pop them, why did I do that?, because then I developed those unsightly marks and blemishes along with the continuing acne. So I was surfing the net familiarizing myself with the health benefits of certain types of oils, and boy am I elated to have come across your website. I decided to give it a try and Mannn Weeeehoooo! You have a customer for as long as I have money to buy healthy skin care products. Used it for 3 weeks now; acne gone, blemishes disappearing as I type, and most importantly I give myself a nod of approval when I see the results upon looking in the mirror. I’d like to thank everyone that has anything to do with the distribution and making of this product in any capacity. Signed one satisfied customer.

  11. Dianna- Austin, Tx says

    I recently started using your face and body oil after using virgin coconut oil for years. I am definitely a Vata and I couldn’t believe the difference sesame oil makes on my skin. It is true what they say: sesame oil really is vata pacifying LOL it feels exactly like that is what it does. AAAHHHH my skin says… thanks for your beautiful product.

  12. Linnie Blankenbecler says

    I have suffered from sinus problems on occasion but for the first time in my life, last month I had a horrible sinus infection. Cheek pain, teeth pain, chills, headache, and eye pain all on the left side. The worst thing I have ever experienced. Only 2 days of intense pain but the month long lingering problem including the most horrendous sinus smell and taste that I could not get rid of. Peroxide, nope. Tea tree oil, nope. Oil of oregano, nope. Herbal nasal drops, nope. Steam with clove, and cinnamon, eucalyptus oils, nope. Even read about 2 drops of baby shampoo in a nasal spray, did that also. Almost a month of it and the smell was making me crazy.
    After all that I have done, I just felt like the sinus infection could recur at any moment. It was lingering. Not hurting any longer but not well either. For a few days I gave my left sinus a break. One day using your Nose drops and the smell is completely gone. And it’s still gone. I have read about this sinus smell online and many people suffer from it for months and even years and are desperately asking for help, some are suicidal, low self-esteem, losing friends because everyone can smell it, it is that strong. No one knows what to do about it, even doctors. I bought your nose oil months ago and was praying for relief from this. Your sesame nose oil popped into my memory. Sniffed 4 drops with my head back before I went to bed and the next day, total relief and the smell was gone. And it’s still gone. I can’t thank you enough. You just don’t know how desperate I was feeling. Thank you.

  13. Susie Wilson says

    I refer everybody I know to your site. It has the most wonderful information about sesame seed oil. Since I use the oil I feel much difference in my skin… soft and younger looking. People ask me what my secret is.

  14. Elisa Tam says

    I burned my hand and was rubbing some Ching Wan Hung Soothing Herbal Balm on it that my mom gave me a long time ago for burns. I got curious why that stuff works and saw that the first ingredient was sesame oil. I googled “sesame oil healing properties” and your website was the first listing. My hand did not hurt anymore after I applied.

  15. Nicholas Borrell says

    Dear Youthing Strategies,

    I have been using your products for about 5 years. Both my wife and I had lumpy age spots on our bodies that eventually disappeared completely after a few months use of the pure oil. Just fell off Bravo! NB

  16. SC says

    I’m really enjoying the face and body oil, and the nose drops…try to do the massage before shower, when I can remember it, but even when not, am using the body oil, every day, after shower…am also treating myself to deep tissue massage every week now…joy in self-care! Thanks

  17. R D says

    I have been taking internally the Raw Sesame Seed oil for two days and also applying the Face&Body Oil on my face. After 2 days of using this stuff, my acne is GONE and the scars are disappearing. This product is truly amazing! I will spread the word about your wonderful products.

  18. Dr.Savitha Suri says

    FACE&BODY LSF oil is a wonderful product. I prescribe this oil to my patients who suffer from dry skin and as a skin guard during winter. Thanks for this magical product.

  19. MV says

    When my clients started asking me what I was doing to make me look so much younger, I told them that the only change I’d made was to throw away all my usual cosmetics and start using your FACE & BODY OIL exclusively. I rely on that to keep my facial skin looking healthy and youthful. It really works. Thanks.

  20. WL says

    In the winter and especially in the mountains the dry climate is terribly hard on my skin. I’m so glad I found a source for such a good skin oil as your FACE & BODY OIL. I keep a bottle by the sink and use it several times a day to keep my hands from cracking. When I go out to the barn, I put some on before I put on my work gloves and my hands stay soft and smooth. It’s great for sun and windburn on my face too.

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