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  1. Karen Goodwin says

    I have used oxygen for several years and could find nothing to sooth the inside of my nose.
    I happened across an article on Sesame Seed Oil and decided to try it. It’s great.I ask my
    doctor if she had any objections to my trying it and she said it was fine. I am so glad I
    took the time to order it, and try it.

  2. Cheryl says

    I removed a skillet from a 450 degree oven (not thinking) without an oven mitt. I had the imprint of the pans handle in the palm of my had, from finger to wrist. It was blazing red hot. I immediately held a freezer lunch box square. The heat began to dissipate as long as I continuously held the ice square. I held the square for 24 hours straight. (The pain would wake me during the night when the square was not longer frozen. I replaced it during the night) At that point, the pain was reduced. The burn imprint remained red- no blistering yet. I was able to apply the Plain Sesame Oil with much relief. It was immediately absorbed. I continuously applied the oil during waking hours and at night applied the oil and covered my hand with a white cotton glove. Within 2 weeks, my hand was completely healed without the imprint or scar. I am a nurse and was amazed that no inkling a scar is visible. I never applied an antibiotic or any other ointment. Thanks

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