Frequently asked questions about sesame oil.

Is your oil different than sesame oil I can buy at the grocery store?

Yes, it is very different. Our products are made from seeds which are grown organically. The seeds are then cold pressed to remove the oil. Commercial oil is made from oil grown with agricultural chemicals. Those poisonous molecules remain in oil extracted from the seeds. Solvents and high heat are used to remove the greatest quantity of oil from the seeds. The solvent molecules remain in the oil and the high heat changes the structure of the oil from a body friendly monounsaturated oil to a transfat structure…and this is a known cancer producer when used on or absorbed by humans.

Why is your oil organic?

To use on the skin, oil should not have any poisonous molecules in it. Our organic oils are pure, with no poisonous farm chemical molecules.

Can I use any of your oils on my face?

Yes. All of our products have a base of pharmaceutical grade sesame oil. They are all antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. They all absorb quickly and leave the skin smooth, finished and glowing. Use just a little, rub it on and in with easy circular strokes. Blemishes will disappear and brown “age spots” will lighten, some may even go completely away.

Will your products help acne?

Yes. The therapeutic qualities of each of our products will eliminate the bacterial cause of acne. Be sure to use a clean wash cloth and clean towel, each time you do your face. Do not use soap. Open the pores with a hot, clean wash cloth, apply any one of our oil products and put the hot wash cloth on again to help the oil absorb and to remove the excess oil. A few days of this should clear up any acne problems.

Will sesame oil stain my clothes? How do I wash out any oil that spills?

Sesame oil from your body will not stain your clothes, if you remove the excess which might have accidentally gotten on your body.

Any drips or spills on cloth can be removed with a good soap and a natural oil solvent, such as PINESOL, in the washer.

Can I use sesame oil as a sun screen?

Sesame Oil is not a sunscreen, as such, but it is a potent antioxidant and will neutralize free radicals which build up under the skin from exposure to sun. Put sesame oil (use any of our products) on before exposure to sun or wind and then after as well. You’ll find that you tan more quickly, more evenly and without burning.

Our FACE&BODY LSF contains flower essences of geranium and lavender. These are both well know as healing oils to put on after burns, from whatever cause. We have had reports of this product clearing up burns from boiling water, without a scar, in as little as a week.

Can I use your sesame oil for cooking?

AYURVEDA SESAME OIL can be used on salads, for cooking and any internal use. We also offer organic RAW SESAME OIL, which contains enzymes, as the product we think is best for internal consumption. Our other products contain essential oils which make them ideal for use on the skin and should not be taken internally.

Can AYURVEDA SESAME OIL be used for aromatherapy?

Yes. Many massage techs use our oil as the base oil for their own blends of essential oils for special client needs. All of the essential oils we use have long been know for their special aromatherapy properties in healing and helping the human body.

Can I use your products in a swimming pool?

Swimmers and lifeguards coat their bodies with FACE&BODY LSF before going in a swimming pool because it protects them against chlorine in the water. Chlorine is absorbed through the skin and can cause many serious health problems over time. Using our products, swimmers protect themselves against oxygen radicals and other toxins which a chlorine environment can cause. Put a light coat of oil all over the body before entering chlorinated water, rub off any excess so the oil does not get into the water to interfere with the filtering process, then put on more after exiting the pool, before getting dressed. Remember that a little goes a long way.

Will your products cure eczema or psoriasis?

Unfortunately, these conditions seem to be physical manifestations of other problems. Our products do not cure them. But each of our products do make these conditions feel better and seem less of a problem. Users tell us that they get significant relief from FACE&BODY LSF