About Youthing

Youthing Strategies was started in 1998 by a retired lawyer in Austin Tx. with a passion for healing and restoring our bodies in an organic way. He searched and found the best organic cold pressed Sesame Oil from farms in Mexico. He then through trial and error came up with formulas that where appealing to sensitive skin and for different applications of the entire body.

Ayurveda sesame oilOrganic cold pressed sesame seed oil has been extracted simply by squeezing the seeds in a large press. The process is not as efficient as using heat and hexane, but the oil remaining from organic cold pressed seeds nuts or vegetables has no trace of farm chemicals, no hexane molecules, and no poisonous trans fatty acids.

Organic cold pressed seed and nut oils are substantially more expensive than commercial oils. Though they start off infinitely better than commercial oils, more processing must be done to complete the Ayurveda protocols and make the oils fully beneficial and appropriate for human and animal use. Those are the protocols we still follow to this day, at Youthing Strategies beauty product.

Ayurveda sesame oil is the base oil used in all our products except the Raw Sesame oil. Ayurveda sesame oil is pure, pharmaceutical grade oil. Pharmaceutical grade means that the product has been manufactured under GMP (Good manufacturing practices) conditions and is safe, pure and effective. Our protocols used to make the Ayurveda sesame oil have been developed over thousands of years by Ayurveda healers.

We use high quality essential oils in each of our products which can help heal problems in a natural way.

The magnificent body of ours was meant to heal the natural way.