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To create and offer products which help our bodies maintain a true biological age so we may live our full span of years with abundant energy and good health.

Pure, wholesome, naturally healthy skin care products since 1998


NATURALLY WITH SESAME OIL Ayurveda Sesame oil (pharmaceutical grade) in all YOUTHING STRATEGIES products

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About Us

The name of the company is based on the concept that chronological age is not the way to judge our true age. We have individual control of the biological age of our bodies, which is our true age. It is possible for anyone to reverse the aging process with nutrition meditation and by using organic Ayurveda cured sesame seed oil on the skin, daily.

We use only the lightest, purest organic, cold pressed sesame oil and process it using Ayurvedic formulas making it the best possible skin oil and toxin neutralizer. The formulas are based on Ayurveda protocols/traditions and information from practicing Ayurveda physicians and Ayurveda Massage specialist. Youthing Strategies provides pure organic sesame seed oils maximizing internal health, promotes youthful skin, fades wrinkles and scars, and aids in healthy cooking.

Since long before recorded history, Sesame oil has been utilized by Ayurvedic healers for a wide variety of uses. From cooking, to the battle of free radicals and toxins, the “Queen of Oils” is most accepted by the body and works both topically and metabolically.

Organic Sesame Seed Oil is a natural product with many therapeutic qualities, which have been the subject of learned medical journal reports:

  • Sesame Oil is significantly more effective than salt water in treating dry nasal membranes
  • Sesame Oil is extremely effective in killing bacteria causing gingivitis
  • In vitro it stopped the growth of malignant melanoma cells
  • In vitro it stopped the growth of human colon cancer cells
  • Sesame Oil contains oleic acid, an effective reducer of serum cholesterol
  • Ayurveda physicians use it to cure sinusitis and other conditions


sesame-oils-benefitsReferences to medical papers and research which support the above may be downloaded FREE (click here for Medical References). For further information, consult the Index Medicus at any medical library: keyword SESAME OIL.

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